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METRON is a French startup focused on Energy Intelligence for the industry. Its innovative platform uses leading-edge technologies for the companies to manage and maximise their energy consumptions.

In order to reach international clients, METRON entrusted us with the creation of a multilingual website, using a responsive design approach. After many exchanges and a significant amount of researches, we elaborated first thing a storytelling strategy to answer their need: making their technical speech accessible to all without losing any sense or scientific veracity.


Then, Tro4 took care of the creation of METRON visual identity and design style guide while complying with an existing logo. We also invented a whole iconographic manual to illustrate several specific notions. Furthermore we turned complex data into intelligible charts and easily read diagram, some of them in motions.

At last but not least, we have been asked to create and print a roll up banner that is to be used in shows and exhibitions to underline METRON innovative approach.