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Enedis oversees the operation, maintenance and development of the French continental electric network but also provides electricity and services. Fundamental operator of the economic development, Enedis takes part in the construction of the Grand Paris project which is going to affirm the city as one of the world’s most dynamics metropolises.

TRO4 has built a digital strategy as well as editorial contents for Enedis Paris Twitter account. Fueled by our team of experts in social medias and strategic analysis, this account increases Enedis Paris renown on a daily basis. We aim to back up Enedis communication team in order to enhance their work and increase Enedis Twitter community and its interactions.


We use digital communication medias such as:

#Mascots / #Illustrations / #Infographies
#infographics / #photos-Reportages / #contests
#2D-3D animations / #documentaries / #corporate film