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Ban Sabaï is a luxury spa located in Paris city centre. Specialised in traditional Thai massages, oil massages and spa treatments, Ban Sabaï currently hires fifty or so highly qualified masseuses trained to use ancestral healing methods.

Ban Sabaï called on us with the need to refashion its aging website which we did, using a responsive design approach. We chose an uncluttered design, colours matching the spa intimate atmosphere as well as the luxury codes, and we created an online shop.

Our team also reshaped the logotype, designed new business cards and loyalty cards to bring in a touch of modernity and elegance.


Tro4 also organised a photoshoot not only to showcase the premises, massages and treatments but also the skilful team.

At last but not least, we produced a corporate video to stress the benefits of traditional Thai massages and Spa Ban Sabaï know-how.